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My tutorials are...


Lessons are tailored to your child. I teach only the skills your child needs to learn. 


Each lesson builds on the next. Your child's confidence will grow as they're learning to master new skills. 


Your child's reading ability can improve in 3 months! I use Structured Literacy methods which are backed by decades of research. 


Your child will play with letters, sounds, and words as they are learning. I use a teaching platform that makes learning just as much fun as playing computer games! 

Hi! I'm Tresha Render! 

Wife. Mom. Dog Lover. Outdoor Enthusiast. 


Dedicated Reading Tutor. 

  • M.Ed. in Literacy Studies (in progress)

  • Graduate Dyslexia Certificate 

  • EC-6th Core Subjects Teacher Certification (TX)

  • 4th-8th English Language Arts Teacher Certification (TX)

  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification

  • Member of International Dyslexia Association 

  • Member of the International Literacy Association 

I love coaching others to become better readers! 

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